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Letter to the Editor: Re: "Zumba Revealed!!!"

Published: Sunday, April 6, 2008

Updated: Friday, March 13, 2009 17:03


            I am an avid reader of the Reporter. In fact, I am one of those people you hear reading it out loud to friends over the breakfast table and discussing the different topics. However, to pick up the Reporter this morning to see "…why Zumba sucks" on the front page was not something I expected.  To then read the article in its entirety and be personally offended is simply inexcusable. Napier's human interest column is not a place to bitch about his job. You work for a newspaper. Suck it up and write about what your boss tells you to. No one said you had to enjoy it.
            I am one of those "somewhat good-looking sorority girls" that Napier pinpoints in his article who attends Zumba on a fairly regular basis. The fact that he stood outside the door "ogling" at those of us working out makes me sick. In order to write a story about a new exercise fad you should probably participate. There are many guys who attend Zumba with us girls. Everyone is welcome. That is part of the fun. You do not have to be talented or coordinated to participate. Everyone comes and looks like idiots together and get a good workout at the same time. Maybe Napier should have sucked up his pride and danced around like idiots with the rest of us. Then maybe he would have something positive to say about the so called "ass shaking" that he witnessed. Those men walking by probably did think he was a creeper. However, us readers now know it goes deeper than that. Napier is also an asshole. Don't you dare stand outside the door of a gym class and then have the audacity to make snide comments about how we choose to keep ourselves healthy. Keep your comments to yourself. Or better yet; do your job. Write the "light fluff" they pay you to write. Just because you are frustrated that they don't let you do the "real" writing doesn't mean that you get to use your article to bash harmless students or make stereotypical comments about sorority members. Stop being an ass and do what the Reporter pays you to do, write human interest stories.


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